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Portland, OR


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Bitterman Salt Co.

at bitterman salt co. we believe that Salt is the single most effective flavor 

enhancer and the quickest, most potent, even most cost-effective way to make the most of every meal. Just a few dashes unites flavors and brings depth and complexity to your cocktail or drink without overwhelming it.

We are an international distributor of craft salt and Himalayan salt blocks. We carry the highest quality products, made by skilled tradesmen around the world. Craft salts are profoundly rooted in the diverse culinary traditions of the food you serve - the ultimate quality, local ingredient. Most are utterly unrefined, ranging from 3% to 33% trace minerals. They come from beautiful places and beautiful people. Kosher is an artificially refined chemical with mechanically processed crystals. Industrial sea salt is no better, refined to 99.8% pure sodium chloride and standardized for global chemical markets. Cheap salt is spun from the industrial maw, an abstraction, a chemical, NaCl. There is no love.