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Portland, OR




Mark is committed to exploring, promoting, & celebrating CRAFT salts 

from around the world. If you love food, excitement, mystery, and beauty all wrapped up in one infinitely complex crystal, this is the place for you.  The selmelier is to salt what the sommelier is to wine, providing information and expertise that helps diners, chefs, and retailers to get the best possible results from their food, restaurants, and stores. 

A leading expert on craft salt, chocolate, and cocktail bitters, Mark has clientele ranging from top chefs to food manufacturers to home cooks. Mark leads salt-inspired dinners at many celebrated restaurants and lectures at culinary schools such as the French Culinary Institute, the Institute of Culinary Education, and Le Cordon Bleu. Mark has been developing recipes and consulting with various chefs, restaurants, and culinary institutions since 2006. As a consultant and selmelier, Mark provides insight and expertise that helps chefs and retailers get the best possible results from their food, restaurants, and stores.

For personal insight on finishing salt, professional development and training opportunities with Mark, or if you are interested in having Mark speak at your next event, please contact him below.